The Need

Think of the children

Think of the children

Renewables must become economically attractive, especially in developing countries, if they are to be globally effective. Emerging economies will soon dominate CO2 emissions on present trends.

A ‘Moral Imperative’ is not sufficient, renewable energy cannot be imposed effectively through Carbon Taxes. Can you tell say an Indian labourer that he and his children must remain trapped in poverty indefinitely, when prosperity in the developed countries is based on cheap but polluting energy sources?

There is however a ‘Moral Imperative’ when it comes to raising the standard of living of hundreds of millions of human beings throughout the world, who currently have no access to electrical power. There are now many low cost, solar lighting solutions, but power is desperately needed to help with water reticulation, irrigation, refrigeration and electrical equipment to uplift the standard of living. It is documented that when a family is enabled to raise their standard of living, they are able to make more life choices and maintain better health and wellbeing.

Solar energy is the primary source of all energy on earth, is essentially unlimited in size & scope and solar power is available to a majority of earth’s inhabitants. Every day there is enough solar energy coming to Earth to supply mankind’s current power needs 10,000 times over.