LSA Technology

The LSA utilises well established solar and structural component technologies that have current and proven market reliability i.e. all technologies used are not revolutionary but evolutionary. It is LSA’s application of these technologies in water that is unique and patented. LSA is a new PV concentrator using relatively lightweight plastic concentrators that float on water, mounted on anchored rafts. A thin plastic focusing concentrator lens rotates slowly to track the sun both daily and seasonally. A minimal amount of silicon (or other types of) photovoltaic cells are housed in a PV container that sits in the water where the cells are kept cool and efficient, through convective heat flow to the surrounding water.  In bad weather the lens is protected by rotating it under the water to avoid damage in high winds, so the water becomes the vital structural component, cooler and protector. It is these applications of the water that are the basis for IP protection (patented so far in 10 countries including USA). The key feature of the LSA is its very low usage of materials and the simplicity of the materials used. Any further improvements in solar energy converter technology can be leveraged to reduce the LSA’s cost per watt.

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